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I am a retired United States Navy Logistics Specialist with over thirty-five years of service. My military service also includes years with the United States Army and the United States Air Force.  I served aboard the Aircraft Carrier USS Independence as a Flight Deck Troubleshooter, and flew with the 711th Special Operations Squadron as an Aerial Gunner.

Having graduated from Pensacola State College in 1982 with a degree in Liberal Arts, I also acquired many extensive government training courses along my military career path. Those courses further honed my knowledge, skills, and abilities in the arts of readiness, improvising, and contingency planning.  Those skills propelled me to excel in the field of weapons system maintenance technology, and achieve Level III Certification (highest) in the field of Acquisition Logistics. Achievements toward the end of my career would earn me the title of the ‘Foremost Technology Transfer Specialist within DOD’ (Department of Defense). That title was given me by the Under Secretary of Defense for Science and Technology in 2003.

During my long career with the military, my direct personal services provided were Aircraft Mechanic and Electrician, Truck Driver, Infantryman, Radio Operator, Aircraft Trades Instructor, Production Controller, Aircraft Examiner,  Aerial Gunner, Equipment Specialist, Training Specialist, Logistics Specialist, and a few other specialties along the way (not for disclosure) .

I have been in submarines, ships, missile silos, tanks, armored vehicles, and aircraft for deployment of military missions. I have repaired various fixed and rotary wing military aircraft as well as having been transported in them for mission deployment. I have also been a jet ‘backseater’ (Observer) and an AC-130 Spectre Gunship Aerial Gunner. On the flip side of refurbishing government aerial weaponry, I have also demolished the weapons equipment of select non-friendly agencies in sanctioned special operations tactical missions.

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