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Make My Day II

Just prior to my retirement from the Navy, I encountered an out-of-body experience, which totally reset all of my life values (this experience is also captured in some of my published books). In the resetting of values, the course of my life was changed toward dedicated ministry after retirement. Since 1999, I have been engaged in dedicated jail and prison ministry.

In these later years of life, I have come to greatly enjoy conducting ministry to the incarcerated. It has just about become the 'love of my life' in some respects. Additionally, collecting military combat helmets, and watching sunsets are most enjoyable (yeah, I know, very strange combinations aren't they?).

Also in my later years, I have grown quite fond of writing books. I desire to impart the knowledge of what God has done for me to all who would read my stories. I believe a life legacy is worth leaving behind in books; values can never be placed on those inheritances. They will live on after the writer has departed, becoming greater in value as the years pass. The author's words may provide lives with assistance in some precious memories never fading; with other lives in finding their destinies.  For fun, I roller skate 3 to 4 times each week.  Recently my calculations were that since beginning skating in 1985, I have skated an estimated 38,000 miles!

Books I have written (in order of being published) are listed below.  The next book is being scripted (book #13) is titled, God Printz  and is written especially for teenagers.  Also below is a link to my Author Page on Amazon.com.  There descriptions of each book can be found along with price information.

God's Dream Catcher
God's Dream Catcher Rising
Traveling Lighted Pathways
Wanted: Lost Souls
Issues of Life Handbook
DreamWeaver Storybook
Foot Prints of Red, White, and Blue
MilSpec Short Stories
Fragmented Glory
Oh My God! Mysteries
God Printz
Fragmented Glory: Revised
God Prints Storybook



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