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Make My Day III

Live Life To It's Fullest, Be A God's Dream Catcher!

In 1997 the U.S. Navy sent me to an extensive training course at the Naval Post Graduate School in Monterey, CA. The location being so close to Clint Eastwood's town of Carmel, naturally an excursion there was taken. When first stepping onto the streets of Carmel, looks were upon me until the time of my departure.  Everywhere my boots traveled, eyes followed and voices carried with them. People would line the storefront windows watching me meander by. Most every establishment doorway entered, people would step aside clearing a wide pathway for me to enter.  Even the cashier of Clint's western store gave me the strangest gazes.  As one would expect, that was not the last trip made to Clint's town of Carmel; I made others, and I came into some interesting encounters which I'll never forget.  Some of those encounters have been written about in one of my more popular published books, DreamWeaver Storybook.

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